Aluminium and Retractable Awnings

 SunSetter Retractible Awning

Model Pricing Varies: $1,799 – $2,500

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Uhlmann Inc. provides their customers with the beautiful  SunSetter awnings.We supply different types of Sunsetter and traditional awnings that are available all year long. 

We’ll help you keep the sun out so you can enjoy the outdoors. 


Sunnsetter: Retractable Awnings Summary

Best known for their easy of installation and limited space allocation, SunSetter retractable awnings have become a well known name in the Awing business. SunSetter offers a variety of models and sizes. From motorized to non-motorized units. Costs increase with size and motorization.

Beneftis Awnings and Covers

  • Very affordable
  • Block out harmful UV rays
  • Come in different colors
  • Simple to use
  • Have electronic remotes
  • Protection from light rain showers
  • America #1 Selling Awning
  • Comes in designer fabrics and laminated fabrics

Sunsetter Motorized and Motorized XL Retractable Awnings

Their most popular luxury model saves you time and money. The models are electronically driven and don’t have lateral arms. That means no vertical entanglements; that saves you space. The Awning opens with a touch of a button and closes just as easily.

Our top-of-the-line, most popular models, the ultimate in push button shade and protection.

Now simply press a button and get cool shade and protection instantly. The Motorized and Motorized XL Awnings operate effortlessly in seconds, so you can control the weather on your deck or patio. They are the ultimate in convenience, protection, and affordability.
The Motorized XL Awning is identical to the standard Motorized model, except that it offers greater projection (it extends out from your house up to 11 ft. 8 in – see details on the right.) So the XL provides the maximum in coverage, shade, and protection.

Our motorized awnings are a “lateral arm” style. The motor operates strong support arms that open and close horizontally under the awning canopy.

These exceptional awnings give you the same features – or better – than other electric awnings that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more. They include state-of-the-art lateral arm technology for superior performance and stability, plus a top-of-the-line SOMFY® motor – the best in the industry – hidden inside the awning roller.


SunSetter VISTA Retractable Awnings

Featuring our lateral arm technology and crack. This sophisticated dual arm cable system opens in less than a minute. This awning offers all of the technology you are looking for in a lateral armed

Uhlmann Patio Cover

At Uhlmann Home Improvement we work with a number of high quality patio cover products. These include our insulated patio covers, non-insulated patio covers, our malibu screen rooms.

Benefits of Patio Cover

  • 100% UV protection
  • Enjoy the outdoors on a rainy day
  • Store all your patio furniture safety

Patio Covers Insulated

Our insulated patio covers will inhale the value to your home by adding vertical space. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, build a car port, or adapt

Patio Covers Non-Insulated

Our patio covers have a flat underside that meet or exceeds international conference building official in all areas of the United States. We fabricate our roofs from a precisely rolled and formed aluminum structural roof pan. Our structures provide strength without buckling. Our patio covers offer additional water repulsion with our fascial?gutters which are fabricated of heavy duty lifetime extruded aluminum.

Retractable Awnings

  • Retractable Awnings (Sun Setters)
  • Year round protector
  • Sit out there in the rain with sun setters you can’
  • Blocks out sunlight
  • Don’t worry about high winds, can’t have a sun setter open in high winds
  • Protection from insects
  • Enjoy the outdoors spring, summer, and fall without being bothered by mosquitoes…

Aluminum Awnings

  • Selling Points: “Be Prepared”
  • Cooler in the summer time
  • Warmer in the winter time by blocking out cold wind
  • Allows you to open up windows during rain storms
  • Don’t have to run the air conditioner all the time
  • Sleep at night with the windows open
  • Extra privacy by covering part of the window.

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