French Doors Oak Lawn

Home owner called Uhlmann Home Improvement to install French Entry Doors in her Oak Lawn, 60453, home.  She also received a quote for the entry door on her kitchen and the door to her garage.  The homeowner thought my estimate was too high and she decided to contract with one of the big box stores.  Two years after the project was completed she called me back because one of her entry doors was deteriorating.  The store no longer carried the handle for her door anymore.  She would have to replace all the doors in her house so that they would match.  She called me back and asked me if I could match the door.  I went out to her home and told her that most companies would not be able to match her door.  I told her, “like the big box stores,” Uhlmann Home Improment deals with the same companies for 30-40 years.  We re quoted her the doors and she decided to go with me immediately.

All the doors were painted and stained the same color to match the interior and exterior of the home.  We also installed Larson Storm doors in the front and rear of her house.

French Doors Oak Lawn Project Details

 Materials Used:

4 x Steel 22 guage Entry Doors

Job Duration:

2 days

Job Costs: $$$

French Entry Doors

French Entry Doors – After – Oak Lawn

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