Helen Replacement Windows

The Helen Replacement Windows projects consisted of two visit over the past 9 years in which we slowly replaced all of Helen’s home windows.  Helen was referred to Uhlmann Home Improvement by her sister Mrs. Fitzgerald from Chicago West Lawn, 60629, area.  Mrs. Fitzgerald had purchased vinyl replacement windows on November 13th, 2003.   Happy with her purchase and our work she referred her sister Helen.  The Helen replacement windows project presented us with heating and cooling problem.  Helen’s windows were improperly sealed resulting in increased expenses due to heating and cooling loss.  As part of our cost cutting measures we recommend nineteen Kensington-Huntington double-hung replacement windows.   Our recommendations were specific to providing home protection and proper weatherization.  Our experience with Chicago bungalows allows us to save Helen $2,000 with a Chicago rebate program.

To improve Helen’s cost of heating and cooling, we offered her triple glazing with heat mirror.  Each window also featured a double low-e krypton gas insulation.  This not only helped Helen keep her house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer time.  It also provided a sound barrier against the heavy traffic that flowed outside of her house.  In order to enhance the home total appearance, and to be in line with preserving the integrity and historical architecture of Chicago bungalows; Uhlmann Home Improvement arranged a grid pattern that conformed to the historic specifications of her original windows.

The job was completed on April 9th, 2004.  On May 15th of 2012 Helen called us back for an estimate for five slider windows for her basement.  We installed five Excalibur white slider windows from Alside. As part of the Helen replacement windows project, we also installed two lite slider windows with low-e and argon gas, which had full screens, and double locks for added protection. This job was completed on July 15th 2012.

Helen Replacement Windows Project Details

 Materials Used:

19 – Kensington Vinyl Windows 5 – Alside Slider Windows

Job Duration:

Project 1: 3 days Project 2: 1 day

Job Costs:

Project 1: $$$ Project 2: $

Helen Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows Project by Uhlmann Home Improvement

Helen Replacement Windows 2

Replacement Windows Project by Uhlmann Home Improvement

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