Awning Replacement – Cox

Awning replacement can be a headache.  Uhlmann Home Improvement can help!  

When Mr. and Mrs. Cox were referred to me by several of my satisfied customers, neighbors who Uhlmann Home Improvement serve and  all very please with there new awnings installed on there on Morgan street in Chicago. Since many of their neighbors already had awning on their homes Mr. And Mrs Cox wanted something unique. So I offered them the Aurora /Arcadia awnings and made the awnings red with a white trim. These awnings really helped their house stand out from the rest of the neighbors in Chicago 60643.

The Aurora/Arcadia are manufactured differently than the rest of the awnings. The roof panels are 3-5/16 wide and are made of a special spring –temperature aluminum alloy and the thickness is .026 gauge.  The understructure is made for smaller awnings and stake for larger awnings depends upon the load carrying capacity.   

Recommendations published by the International Conference of Building Officials.

So “Live a Little Better!” and enhance your home with these graceful awnings from Aurora/Arcadia. Keep the wind and weather away from your windows and doors.  New Aluminum awnings block out 100% of the harmful UV razed, They will keep your home warmer in the winter time because they block the cold winds as well keep your home cooler all summer long. 

Uhlmann Home Improvement has been serving their customers with aluminum awnings since the early 1950’s.  Our expert opinion is that these awnings were very popular from 1955 to the 1990 and are making a huge come back due to the high energy cost saving.

Awnings Replacement Cox Project Details

Materials Used:

Aurora/Arcadia Awnings, Red with White Trim

Job Duration:

1 day

Job Costs:


Replacement Awnings

Replacement Awnings Project – Front

Replacement Awnings

Replacement Awnings Project – Front Zoom

Replacement Awnings

Replacement Awnings Project – Front Far

Replacement Awnings

Replacement Awnings Project – Side View

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