Awning Replacement Grabfelder

Awning replacement Grabfelder project was located in Homewood Illinois, 60430 close to 185th and Center. Mr. Grabfelder contacted was an old time customer from the 1950s so when he contacted us it was no surprised that he wanted another of his home redone. Due to excessive sun entering the house Mr. Grabfelder decided to construct a new awning.

His bay window was increasing becoming sun damaged on his drapes and furniture. By constructing a new awning Mr. Grabfelder awning project avoided damage to the interior of his home and covering an unusually large center stair for front shade.

Grabfelder awning project door canopy was so large that we had include two miter cuts to piece three awnings into one larger piece. This was so that the sun and rain would not beat down on the door causing rot and sun damage. Two end wing cutouts were also included to secure the soffit mount, with two return braces, and one flag column in brown. To enhance the Grabfelder awning project we installed another awning. Both were installed over the garage to complete the look and protection.

The Grabfelder awning project featured autumn brown awnings with white trim and white decorate valance. The door canopy had a gutter attachment so that the water would drip toward one side of the home from preventing any ice from forming on the stairs.

Ferraro Project Details

 Materials Used:

Aluminum Awnings from awnings over Chicago

Job Duration:

1 day

Job Costs:


Awnings Replacement

Brown Awning Project

Awnings Replacement

Brown Awning Project

Awnings Replacement

Brown Awning Project

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